måndag 13 oktober 2008

Alien visit 14 october

Rumours says that there will come an spaceship with aliens to London tomorrow. Say what!? There been aliens on earth for a long long time now, you just cant see them, fools! Stupid fools! And as Ed would say: "Fucking retards!".

onsdag 8 oktober 2008

What colors?

Made with the colors in the upper row in paint, from right to left. I did an normal picture apart from I used the colors as they came in the colorbox. Aliens could have these colors in their worlds, or they could see our world like this, who knows how they do see our world.


Made with the colors in the lower row, the same colors but bright and full of life, more nice for an alien.


Made with colors from both rows  in the colorbox, this is how usual-human-being (UHB) think this scene will look like it.

måndag 8 september 2008

Aliens are welcome

I thought about it, and, you can all come visit sometime, really :) just come to my town and ask for me.. And it is important that you not go to America since they would like put you in a box and run tests on you.. I wouldnt do that, I just wanna hang out! Peace

onsdag 6 augusti 2008

Aliens smash earth

To you aliens reading this, please do not do this to my planet. We will die if you do and we dont want to die, seriously.


fredag 1 augusti 2008

What what in the box

Scary or scared? You decide..
He could have his heart in the box, or his legs, feets or genitals.

torsdag 31 juli 2008

Ops, i did an alien

Even aliens might be as "superdudiebad" as us, would you have sex with an alien? Imagine for yourself and think about it..

torsdag 3 juli 2008

tisdag 24 juni 2008

Alien among us

Life on Mars

Woho, there may have been water on Mars. The smart dudes means that due that fact, there could be life on Mars. But hey, who the hell cares about little stupid shit-things in the water when there are aliens right among us! Everywhere, aliens, aliens, aliens! You just cant see them, you totally cant see them.


Junak got a job

Junak means hero.

onsdag 18 juni 2008

söndag 1 juni 2008

Poem #19

A spaceship in the darkest of nights
cruising around, using its rights
flashes with lights of every colour
stupid NASA, just have to follow
aliens already know what's in their mind
stupid NASA, their mission is a crime.

Peace and love to all you aliens out there!
And watch out for NASA!


Walking on the street